Everyday is an opportunity for a miracle.


To love and be loved is what we all desire. It is our mission to share the angel's message of love with as many of you as we can. Divine love is the ultimate vibration that heals all and everyday is an opportunity for a miracle.

Begin your transformation now...schedule a healing session, learn to heal yourself or become a Certified Intuitive Healer.

What is This?

Whether you need to connect with departed loved ones, gain relief from your grief, or are in need of guidance about near death experiences we are here to help. We will make sense of the unexplained spiritual occurrences in your life.

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It's Up to You

What is stopping you from feeling your best? Does your physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial health have you down? It is time to unzip the veil of darkness and let the light return to your life. You possess the power to heal yourself and create a better life today...we can help show you the way.

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Want it All?

There is no better time than now to become a Certified Intuitive Healer. Find the meaning, purpose and happiness you have been searching for. Imagine your Divine heart opening to the infinite possibilities of your most authentic self. Watch confidence and trust soar to new heights while you learn how to be of service in your unique way.

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Proceeds go to one of three charities

Want to Give Back?

To give is to receive...with receiving you heal others, with giving you heal yourself.

Each month we will feature a product or service in which a large portion of the proceeds will go to one of four charities (your choice). What a fantastic opportunity to give back.
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#1 in Hot New Releases!

Tammy is co-author of this BEST SELLER. You will find her contribution on May 15th, the day that marks the 30th anniversary of her near death experience.

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Sessions with Tammy

Sick of feeling less than your best? A session with Tammy is a power-packed fact finding mission based on true Divine guidance. Just one session can transform your life forever.

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Spiritual Support

Bring clarity to the confusion around death and dying, near death experiences and spiritual occurrences that others don’t talk about.

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Spiritual Ceremonies

We offer non-traditional ceremonies and blessings to honor various stages of life: commitment, marriage, baptism and life transition.

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